Hairdresser 2 you

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hairdresser 2 you

Hairdresser 2 You

The  Business name  of

Carol Simms Chooses to brand herself as

 “Hairdresser 2 You” preventing any confusion of being Salon based.

Carol  has travelled to other Areas

Now only able to go to local areas due to home responsibilities.

Throughout her career, Carol has been a Member of  :

 Hairdressing Council;

 of Freelance Hair and Beauty Federation,

and presently a Member of

Freelance Hairdressers Association.

At your Home. One to One Customer Service.

Shampoo and towels are provided, everything you need to style your hair.

Please leave a message and your Name and Number  and Area when  contacting  Carol on:


Mobile: 07795 20 52 56

Hair By Carol /Hairdresser 2 You,has been trading since  1991,

Professional (Mobile)  Freelance Hairdressing  Business in

Castle Bromwich   areas

Everything you need to know to have your hair done at home with confidence.

At  Your Home

Need a  Hairdresser


  Freelance Hairdresser  Visits you

 at Home.